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This is why we let insurers discriminate. There are, however, limits to the types of discrimination we will allow insurers to engage in. But what exactly are those limits and how are they justified?To answer these questions, this Article articulates the leading fairness and efficiency arguments for and against limiting insurers . Insurance companies are in the business of discrimination. Insurers attempt to segregate insureds into separate risk pools based on their differences in risk profiles, first, so that they can charge different premiums to the different groups based on their risk and, second, to incentivize risk reduction by insureds. This is why we let insurers discriminate.

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Our clients range in size from global to middlemarket insurers, including life insurers, property and casualty insurers, reinsurers, and brokers. Deloitte’s professionals are recognized as leaders in the insurance industry and are committed to contributing innovative thought leadership and creative thinking. The authors would like to issue special thanks to the following advisers and contributors whose insights were invaluable for the creation of this paper: Neal Baumann, Sandeep Puri, Amelia Dunlop, Scott Corwin, Paul Nelson, Matt Carrier, Anthony Abbattista, John Lucker, Anuj Maniar, Arun Prasad, Peter Tomopoulos, and Will Foss. In addition, the authors would like to thank the team that dealt with the day to day activities and was instrumental to the development and delivery of this paper: Derek Pankratz, Tim Janas, Nick Cowell, Nick Jameson, Elinor Chang, David Kornberg, Linda Li, Sarah Manuel, and Matthew Budman. The RightTrack in vehicle app will provide real time driving assessment and coaching for Subaru owners based on their actual driving behavior. For example, after each trip, a driver will receive a report based on their behaviors such as rapid acceleration or hard braking.